CAPTURE KIT Humane Pest Bird Removal

CAPTURE KIT - Humane Pest Bird Removal

FINALLY! An all inclusive kit that contains everything you need to remove unwanted pest birds from any structure.
Birds that must be removed by non lethal methods can be done quickly and humanely with capture mist nets. Capture kits are being used more and more to capture flying birds that have entered buildings and homes.

Included is a strong net with extremely fine fibers that birds have difficulty seeing. Used for catching small pest birds in buildings.
Extension poles with the ability to reach over 20 feet. The poles will extend past most interior ceilings.
Pole attachments with magnet and hooks attach to the top of the extension pole making it easy to hang nets from ceiling areas.
Carrying case for everything to fit inside. Measuring a manageable 5' X 10 1/2" our capture kit will fit into any service vehicle and be ready to use at a moments notice.
A small pen point laser is also included to help get the birds moving inside buildings and homes.
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